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Municipal Law

Our municipal attorneys at the Fitzgibbons Law Offices offer comprehensive municipal law services to cities, towns, special taxing districts, quasigovernmental entities and other local governments.

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Denis Fitzgibbons


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Denis Fitzgibbons serves as the city attorney for the City of Coolidge and the City of Maricopa and offers a wealth of knowledge and insight for the benefit of cities and towns throughout Arizona.

Denis and his municipal law colleagues advise local governments on a broad range of legal matters, including open meeting law, public record laws, elections, procurement, public safety, employment law, zoning, land use, eminent domain, code enforcement, permitting, premise liability, telecommunications, the gift clause, religious land use, and other constitutional issues; drafted ordinances, resolutions, public notices, policies, deeds, easements, and ethics codes.

Public Records and Open Meeting Law

State law requires local governments, committees, and subcommittees to follow certain protocols with respect to public records and during meetings. State law regulates which documents and information are considered public record, and require that meetings be open to the public, and that minutes be recorded. Our attorneys are experienced with these laws and regularly counsel municipalities as to how to comply fully.

Criminal Prosecution

Fitzgibbons Law Offices, PLC, provides legal services in municipal court in the prosecution of misdemeanors, petty offenses, civil traffic and city ordinance violations.


Any incorporated Arizona city or town may annex territory contiguous to the city or town pursuant to A.R.S. § 9-471. However, a successful annexation requires that the municipality be in compliance with petition, public notice and public hearing requirements and be prepared to answer any questions of validity posed by other cities or counties. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the applicable laws and regulations and have assisted clients with all aspects of the annexation process.

Land Use and Zoning

We advise local governments in land use matters, taking into account relevant zoning laws, subdivision regulations and other policies and procedures in order to allow land to develop in a way that serves the public interest. We assist municipalities, and planning and zoning commissions with drafting and reviewing amendments to zoning codes and land use restrictions, and our attorneys provide consultation services in challenges to a zoning code requests for an exemption or variance.

Contract Drafting and Negotiations

We review, negotiate, and draft many types of government contracts, including:

  • Development agreements

  • Memorandums of understanding (MOUs)

  • Intergovernmental agreements (IGAs)

  • Contracts for services

  • Real estate transactions

  • Government procurement, bidding processes and bid challenges

Labor and Employment Law

We are experienced in handling most aspects of employment law matters for city governments, including matters involving labor-management relations. We have assisted cities and towns in working through difficult employment matters involving the Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and compliance with requisite policies and procedures toward creating and maintaining a professional workplace.